CrossFit is “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity”. CrossFit is more than just a strength and conditioning program. The aim is to improve health and achieve a broad, general and inclusive fitness. Thereby the community aspect plays a key role.

In CrossFit, it never gets boring: Due to the varied possibilities of variation and combination of the exercises one training is never like the other. You train less with machines, but with kettlebells, barbells and dumbbells or medicine balls. In addition, you perform body weight exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, box jumps, rope skipping or running.


Yes, definitely! Whether you are a professional athlete or a retiree: CrossFit is suitable for every fitness level and for every age group, as each exercise is customizable and scalable. The amazing truth is that exactly the methods that result in an optimal result for professional athletes are ideally suited for every person.


At Foerde CrossFit you will find many different offers to meet your needs and help you reaching your goals.

In the different offered courses, you will always be professionally instructed in a small group with other CrossFitters by a licensed trainer and introduced to the exercises.

As a CrossFit beginner, you will first learn the CrossFit basic movements technically sound on your four ‘start up’ units. This is very important to us and is a prerequisite for taking part in further courses!

The one-hour long ‘crossfit wod’ begins with an intense warming, which also includes dynamic mobility / mobility exercises. This is followed by a strength part and the technique training for the following workout of the day, which is, so to speak, the heart of the training and will get you definitely sweaty.

As the weightlifting in the CrossFit is a high priority, you can visit special ‘weightlifting’ courses, where you work intensively on your lifting technique with a licensed weightlifting coach.

In the so-called ‘open gym’, you also have the opportunity to train independently. But of course, there is always a staff member present too.