Who is behind Foerde CrossFit?



I’m Pit, an avid CrossFitter since 2013 and owner of Foerde CrossFit in Kiel, Germany. During my studies of sport, health and nutrition science I got to know CrossFit and was immediately hooked – a life changing  experience!

The farsightedness of this fitness program fascinates me to this day and my interest in it has grown steadily since my first CrossFit workout. Finally, I integrated it into my own training and replaced the machines of the globo gym with free weights and CrossFit. Today, I can proudly tell that I am fitter than ever before and even successfully participate in CrossFit competitions.

Alongside my studies, I worked as a fitness trainer, whereby I noticed that more and more people want to follow the trend towards free weights and CrossFit, but often do not know how. Because of that, I decided in early 2016 to open up Foerde CrossFit in Kiel after my master’s degree. This dream is now reality.

I want to inspire you too and help you reaching your goals with CrossFit! I can help you to become fitter, stronger, mobile and healthier, but also mentally stronger and more self-confident! Give it a try without any obligation! Schedule your free training session with me and become a member of an unique community!

I’m looking forward to meeting you soon!



Pit Reßler, Owner & Head Coach of Foerde CrossFit
  • bachelor’s degree in sport, health and nutrition science of the University of Flensburg
  • master’s degree in sport science of the CAU in Kiel
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Eleiko Strength Coach Level 1
  • CrossFit Judge Course Certificate
  • fitness instructor, license: B
  • five-coach-Basic
  • rehab trainer, license: B, priority: orthopedics
  • member of the Metcon Magazine Media Team


Miriam - Yoga und Mobility

I am Miriam, a trained physiotherapist and lead the Yoga & Mobility courses at Foerde CrossFit on Wednesdays and on Saturdays.


Yoga improves your mobility, strengthens your muscle power and unites body & mind. You learn to calm down, think clearly, and refocus your focus on yourself. At the same time experience the feeling of lightness, balance and relaxation. All this is of enormous importance not only in CrossFit, but also for other sports and the often stressful everyday life.


Mobility is designed to provide complete mobility to perform movement training and everyday life without injury and to improve performance.

We use methods such as stretching, massage and trigger point techniques on joints, muscles and fascia, which are performed in individual or partner exercises.

Mobility is suitable for every athlete and teaches the handling of mobilization exercises to mobilize independently before and after the workout.

I also want to show you how valuable Yoga & Mobility can be for you. Arrange now your free trial with me!

I am looking forward to seeing you




I’m Chris, sports scientist, medical student and passionate CrossFit athlete since opening the box. I run the Gymnastics and Endurance course on Sundays so that you can get even more out of your CrossFit workout.


In this course, gymnastics are deepened and basic skills are trained, e.g. kipping / butterfly pull-ups, handstand (push-ups), ring / bar muscle ups, etc.

The topic varies weekly.


The “Endurance” course is about cardio, ie about improving your endurance with Row, SkiErg, AirBike and / or running. Of course, the appropriate technology and breathing are also discussed here in order to work as efficiently as possible – for more air in the workout! 3, 2, 1 .. go!



I am Max,
even as an athlete in CrossFit active and would like to pass on my experiences. I attended the Advanced Weightlifting Camp at Weightlifting 101 in Copenhagen in August 2018, have participated in several national and international competitions in the Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit, and am pleased to share my experience and expertise as a coach here at FoerdeCrossFit.

Olympic Weightlifting is not only important in CrossFit. It has also a high priority in many team sports. Many top athletes use weightlifting to efficiently increase the performance, especially the speed and maximum power, the explosiveness and also the coordination.

Weightlifting is complex and technically demanding and an essential part of CrossFit. I’ll show you how to work efficiently with a clean technique on the barbell and of course get stronger.


Jana and Max are both enthusiastic crossfitter and competition athletes. They lead the WODs or the Team WOD in the box on Friday evening and on Saturdays.

Foerde CrossFit Kiel - Jana
Max K.


You want a personal training or a nutritional consultation with one of our coaches? Then just make a free first meeting via the contact form and we’ll discuss everything else personally!